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Kehebatan Fabric Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful | Made of Akwatek & Akwadyne Fabric with FIR

Premium Beautiful corset is made of the exclusive Akwatek and Akwadyne fabric woven with mineral (Tourmaline) which emit Far Infrared (FIR) rays when in contact with human body.
Let’s now see what are the so called "Akwatek" and "Akwadyne" fabric.

Akwatek and Akwadyne is a registered trademark of Comfort Technologies, Inc licensed to Alice Lace Co, Ltd of Taiwan. Akwatek and Akwadyne fabric are exclusively used in branded sports/athletics wear due to its excellent sweat and air circulation abilities.
Akwatek and Akwadyne help created fabric which is comfortable, moisture-wicking, lightweight, flexible and antimicrobial.
Premium Beautiful Corset with Akwatek
Akwatek is a unique and revolutionary patented process applied to fiber, yarn or fabrics of 100% polyester (both for knits and wovens) creating a high performance fabric to help the body manage it’s moisture and control its internal temperature, thus reducing thermal stress on the body.
This revolutionary process actually duplicates and enhances the thermoregulatory actions of the body. It is unlike other capillary action fabrics that need to be worn close to the skin to transport moisture.
Akwatek in Premium Beautiful corset pulls moisture away from the body much faster than capillary action fabrics. Therefore,  wearing Premium Beautiful made of Akwatek fiber is very comfortable in any weather – hot or cold!
 Further test results show that Akwatek continues and improves evaporation of water even after repeated washings.
Akwatek keeps the wearer cool in warm temperatures, and warm in cold temperatures, making Premium Beautiful corset the only multi-seasonal performance corset. You can wear Premium Beautiful in any weather!
§  Is not a coating but a process that brings about a permanent change to polyester
§  Will never wash off or wear off
§  Leaves no chemicals – or chemical residues on fabric
§  Acts as an extension of the skin – improving thermal regulation
§  Does not have to be close fitting – or next to the skin to do its job
§  Has anti-bacterial barrier that helps to control odor
§  Thermal regulation in that it adjusts to the body’s needs, providing cooling properties in HOT conditions and warming properties in COLD conditions

Premium Beautiful Corset with Akwadyne
 Akwadyne is a finish that is applied to nylon based fabrics to help warm or cool the body during outdoor activity.
Akwadyne pulls moisture away from the body, and creates a vapour barrier that cools the body in warm temperatures, and warms the body in cold temperatures.

Unlike most moisture transport fabrics that rely on fabric construction or chemical coatings to pull sweat away from the body, Akwadyne modifies the molleculer structure of the fiber providing a “chemical magnet” which uses the inherent properties of water to move it away from the body as needed.

Termed “electrochemical transport”, this process separates and moves molecules of water using the positive and negative charges contained in each individual molecule. As a result, garments made of Akwadyne® can heat one area of the body while cooling another.

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