Monday, 4 March 2013

Bella Award Special NTV7

Bella Award Special...Friday 28 Feb 2013 at 11.00 am..Baru sempat nak tengok ulangan Bella Award Special kat Tonton sebenarnya..Sebab tak dapat nak tengok LIVE..;)

Apa specialnya Bella Award ni?

First, Bella Award is mainly sponsored by our company Hai-O Marketing.. Congratulation to our company. I am really glad to be a apart of the member under this company. At the same time, ini menunjukkan company kami merupakan sebuah company yang betul-betul kukuh..;)

Secondly, for sure, coz our Great Mentor, Hanis Haizi is one of the representative of Hai-O Marketing. And well-done..they are managed to get the first slot with a very interesting input sharing on:

"Tips To Be A Successful Woman"

Gorgeous kan??Hosted by Elaine Daly yang sememangnya memang sangat teruja dengan Premium Beautiful..Few snapshot to the LIVE Talk Bella Award Special...Sorry kalau quality gambar agak tidak memuaskan..;)

Bella Special Award!!

 Hai-O Marketing Representative
CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Juliana
Both are from our Stokis B32...;)

Hai-O Inspires Women All Over
Strongly agreed!!! 

How they inspires women??

 We have a lot of products that are mainly for the health and beauty.. The most which closed to the women is:
~Premium Beautiful~

Modern Miracle Corset that enhance the women's health and beauty while at the same time build the confident level of the women. 

Lets we see how this changed 360 degree of women's life..


That was really inspired.. Macamane mereka berjaya??

Dalam networking business ni, a successful system was build and the key is, we work in TEAM!! We always have mentor to guide us along our journey. So no worried..just COPY and PASTE...The Success is Yours!! 

Bak Kata pepatah:

Kalau kita nak berjaya..Kita kene duduk dan dikelilingi oleh orang berjaya..Barulah ada aura dan insyaallah..Pasti kejayaan milik kita..

Last but not least, i like Hanis Haizi words in Nona Edition March 2013:

So tunggu apa lagi...

Be apart of our GLAMpreneurs.
 We are here to be with you to reach the success..

For consultation:  

+6019 7346465



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